Our Services



Navajo County Licenses are $5.00 for all animals. Good for the duration of the rabies vaccination.

Pinetop/Lakeside city licenses are issued at the Humane Society. Cost: altered $10.00, unaltered $15.00. Good for the duration of the rabies vaccination. 

Show Low city licenses are issued at the Humane Society as well as the Show Low City Office. Cost: altered $5.00, unaltered $15.00. Good for 1 calendar year.



We offer micro-chipping to the public for $20 per animal. We register the micro-chip for you, any changes after registration are the owners responsibility. No appointment necessary. Animals adopted from us are micro-chipped before they go home and registered to the adopting party.



These Durable, stainless steel tags are a lost pet's ticket home. They are a bone shaped tag with a 5 digit number on them, that is registered into our computer system, There is no charge for these tags. (They are not considered a license) Research tells us that a pet will become lost at least once in it's lifetime. 



Humane Society of the White Mountains provides the only centralized "Pet Lost and Found Department" in Navajo and Apache Counties. If you have lost or found a pet please call us to leave a report or see our lost and found tab on this website to see what your options are.


End of Life Services


At the Humane Society of the White Mountains, we know that your pet is a member of the family. Losing your beloved companion is a painful experience. We also understand it shouldn't be made more difficult with high costs. HSWM offers low-cost euthanasia and disposal services to the public, so you have one less thing to worry about at this heart-wrenching time.

We offer this service by appointment only. Owner Requested euthanasia appointments are available Tuesday - Saturday. Please call 928-368-5295 to make an appointment.

Unfortunately we cannot provide owner-attended services, if you wish to remain with your pet at the time of euthanasia, please contact a full-service veterinary clinic.

Our Prices depend on the weight of the animal.

Weight      Euthanasia Fee   Disposal Fee

Under 20 lbs     $30.00           $15.00

20-40 lbs          $45.00           $25.00

40-60 lbs          $60.00           $35.00

60 lbs and Over   $75.00        $40.00