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Lost and Found Instructions - Please Read!

If you have lost your pet, please do this immediately:

  • File a lost report with the Shelter. You may do this by calling 928-368-5295.
  • Visit your neighbors and put up posters
  • Put a "Lost  Pet" ad on Craigslist
  • Call the Shelter often to see if your pet is here More Tips on Finding your lost pet
  • stop in to the shelter and ask to see their stray dogs and drop off a picture or email a picture of your pet.


The Humane Society of the White Mountains is concerned about your lost pet. We do all that we can to support people in finding their missing companion animal. Our holding period for a stray animal is three (3) working (Open) days for an animal without traceable identification or microchip and five (5) days for an animal with traceable identification. Positive identification of the pet is the sole responsibility of the owner. If you have lost your pet we urge you to call the Shelter every day. We can make no guarantee that your pet can or will be identified with the information provided in your report.

Play an active role in finding your lost pet.

  • Start a foot search immediately. The sooner you start searching, the less distance your pet will have traveled. Thoroughly search the surrounding property and continue in the direction the pet was last seen heading. Go door to door, talk to everyone you meet and leave a flyer.
  • Carry a flashlight and check EVERYWHERE: in closets and all accessible spaces inside your home; behind washers, inside culverts, in heavy brush, sheds, basement crawl spaces, open garages, under decks. Your pet may be stuck somewhere, extremely frightened, or injured and lying low. For lost cats and other climbing critters, check trees, roofs and attics.

  • Leave out food and water, as well as belongings with a familiar scent.

  • Go out at night when the streets are quiet, call for your pet, and then listen for a response. 

  • If you have recently moved, check your old neighborhood and talk with people there and post flyers.

  • Make and post flyers over a one mile area from where your pet went missing. Downloadable flyer templates can be found online. print "LOST CAT" or "LOST DOG" in large letters. Include: your pet's size, coloring, hair length, and any distinctive markings, whether it has a collar, location pet was last seen, as well as a phone number where you can be reached. DO NOT include your name, address, or a specific reward amount.


Post color flyers at local Veterinary offices, pet stores, pet groomers, laundromats, and community bulletin boards


People will assume after a couple weeks either the animal is found or the owner gives up. After a few weeks, remind them that you are continuing to search with a follow up flyer that says "STILL LOST"   

Don't give up after only a few days, or simply wait for your pet to return on his/her own. Many pets are found weeks or months after they disappear. With knowledge, persistence, and proper techniques MANY pets can be found.

Lost and Found Report

Lost-Found_Report (pdf)


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