Our Volunteers

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Board of Directors

Laurie Palazzolo- President


 Hello, I’m Laurie Palazzolo. I have been a Certified Veterinary Technician since 1993. If I’m not out in the great outdoors, or with animals, I’m not truly happy! I have been a Surgical Technician in the P.A.W.S. Clinic since 2010. When I’m not working, I volunteer my time to HSWM as a Board Member, Medical Foster and “Spot” the Parade Dog. If I’m not helping rescue animals, I am out rescuing people on the Navajo County Search and Rescue, Inc. Team.

Thank goodness I have a great family that understands my crazy life and supports me! I think if I were a dog, I would be a Border Collie; high spirited, high energy, and always needing something to do. 

Sarah Fox-Secretary


 I live in Lakeside with my partner Traci. I’ve had two full-time careers in my life – I am a retired Sgt. from Tempe Police Dept. After, Traci and I started up a landscape construction business in the Valley. We ran that business for several years and retired to the White Mountains in 2011.

 I got involved shortly after we moved here. I started as a volunteer and have done many “jobs” while at HSWM, to include, the Volunteer Coordinator; Critter Camp Director; Newsletter Editor; Board of Directors Secretary; and now I love working in the PAWS Clinic!

I used to tell new volunteers that HSWM gets into your soul and it sure does! I love HSWM and the people associated with it! I proudly proclaim to be a failed foster a few times over and now I live with 3 rescue dogs…2 came from HSWM. I hope to remain involved with HSWM for several years to come!

Jason Carter-Treasurer

Notwithstanding his extraordinarily busy work schedule, Mr. Carter finds time to serve as Treasurer

        Notwithstanding his extraordinarily busy work schedule, Mr. Carter finds time to serve as Treasurer and former Vice President of the Governing Board of Directors for the Humane Society of the White Mountains where he has also served on their Finance, Budget, and Building Committees. Being a private pilot, Mr. Carter has also volunteered his time and airplane to fly animals to rescues for the Humane Society to find their forever homes. Mr. Carter also served on the Advisory Council for Northland Pioneer College's Construction Technology Program. Lastly for recreation, Mr. Carter and Whiteriver Construction sponsor (and Jason has played on) Volleyball, Softball and Bowling Leagues and Teams for the City of Show Low and Town of Pinetop-Lakeside.

Mike Bosley- Vice President


David Becker-Board Member

John Wetch-Board Member

Malaina Spillman- Board Member


 Malaina (Crozier) Spillman grew up in Pinetop-Lakeside and has a long family history in Pinetop-Lakeside.  After graduating from Blue Ridge High School, Malaina attend Northern Arizona University and received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an Emphasis in Health & Gerontology.  After graduation Malaina returned to Pinetop-Lakeside, she and her husband have a son and daughter.  Malaina works for the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside as the Recreation Coordinator.  She has a tremendous love for all animals, especially Golden Retrievers.  Malaina’s first dog as an adult was a Golden Retriever named Duke that she rescued from the Humane Society. Malaina and her family currently have 2 rescue dogs, German Short-hair named Ozzie, Terrier/Dachshund Mix named Beebe, a golden retriever named Daisy, 2 rescue miniature horses, Bella and Bolt, another horse Sissy, 2 Araucana chickens named Funky Chick and Hay-Hay and a fish named Delta.  

Shelter Staff

Cassie Peterson- Receptionist/Alt. Placement Coordinator

Cally Rhoades- Lead Kennel Tech

Deborah Thompson CVT- Outreach Coordinator

Laura Wetch- Administrative Assistant

John Wetch-Kennel Tech

Amber Santillan- Kennel Tech

Aziah Munsee- Kennel Tech

Taylor Falling- Kennel Tech

Shayla Peterson- Kennel Tech

Taylor Von Den Stemmen- Receptionist

Debbie Torbet- Shelter Manager

DogHouse Staff


Jeremy Munsee

Lynn Myers

Blake Norton

Les Thompson- DogHouse Manager

P.A.W.S. Clinic Staff

Dr. Tammy Helzer-DVM

Laurie Palazzolo-CVT

Deborah Thompson- CVT

Sarah Fox- Coordinator

HSWM Director

Deena Pace