Trap Neuter Release Program (TNR)

What is a Feral Cat?

Feral Cats are not stray cats. Feral cats  are born outdoors and live without any substantial human contact. Feral cats are afraid of people, you can't hold them or pet them. Feral Cats have to be caught using a humane live trap.  Stray cats are unwanted or abandoned domestic pet cats.

What does Trap/Neuter/Release Mean?


Trap, neuter, release programs are a way to humanely manage feral cats while helping to control pet-over-population and the spread of feline diseases. If you have a feral cat or feral cat colony in your neighborhood, we can help you do the best thing for your neighborhood and the cats who live there.

Feral cats are trapped in humane traps, brought to the Humane Society of the White Mountains P.A.W.S. Clinic for a spay/neuter surgery, and then released back to their neighborhood, which is the cat's natural territory and his or her home.

The Humane Society of the White Mountains Trap Neuter Return program is dedicated to reducing feral cat overpopulation and improving feral cats’ quality of life.

HSWM provides information and education to the community about humane colony management. Our Low-cost Spay & Neuter Clinic offers reduced fee sterilization and vaccination of feral cats.


Important Information

 Trap, Neuter, Return surgery is by appointment only. Please call 928-368-5295 to determine surgery availability based upon your planned trapping schedule. HSWM will work with all trappers to determine a convenient surgery date for the trapper based on our surgery availability. We will no longer accept unscheduled feral cats for TNR. Cats must be in humane traps, one cat per trap. Kittens must be at least  2 months/2lbs to be eligible for HSWM's TNR program. Please do not transport trapped cats in the trunk of a car or the open back of a truck. Use a tarp to protect your car seats. Do not stack traps on top of one another.

Cats can die of heat stroke very quickly during summer months. Do not set any traps during a monsoon or when a storm is expected.

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